Testimony: Facing God

I’ve been reading “Facing God” & can’t  put it down! I read it straight thru the first time & now I’m going back reading it slower this time. It’s not just helping me understand Job’s life, it’s helping me understand my own life! It’s so easy to start slipping into self-righteousness without even realizing it. I’ve found myself so many times asking God “why” when bad things keep happening. And when I’ve read Job in the past it was hard & bothered me. Why would God do that?! Why did Job say that?! Why are his friends describing God that way?!

Reading “Facing God” is answering my why’s!!! And it’s helping me to recognize the times when I’ve been like Job & stepped over into self-righteousness without even realizing it. But best of all it’s pulling scripture together & teaching me the truth about God’s goodness & love & mercy!!!

I LOVE this book!!!

I loved (and learned from!) both of your others too!!! But I really really love this one!!! ❤️❤️❤️

|Tracy Peddy|

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  • Dane

    I couldn’t agree more with Tracy’s testimony. In my opinion, this is Daphne’s best book. So insightful and a strong word to help all of us who have found ourselves in a self-righteous position and many times did not even realize it.

    • Thanks Dane! You have an amazing understanding of the Word so this means a lot coming from you!