NEW CD: Learn to Receive

God is love. It’s His nature to give because as Victor Hugo once said, “You can give without loving, but you can never LOVE without giving.”

God’s heart must be saddened by the countless number of rejections He’s had. He’s prepared a feast for all who will come to Him, but sadly, there are many who daily reject His generosity. But for those who wrestle with unworthiness, the problem isn’t in coming to God, the problem is found in receiving good things from God.

It’s time to change that.

In this session of Facing the Mirror, Daphne explains why it’s so important to learn to receive. When we struggle with receiving, we’re actually struggling with allowing God (or others) to love us.

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  • Rick Carter

    If you find you can’t forgive yourself … you can’t go forward if you will – parts of you die. I know… I now believe you are robbing so many blessings from so very many people and so you’re going to hurt more? Daphne pointed out to me about receiving … questioning, isn’t Jesus’s forgiveness enough for me?

    Thanks for listening! Rick