Why Prayer is a Celebration

Prayer is an act of celebration! Let me explain: When truly understood, prayer is the carrier of our faith bringing forth a request from God’s Word which can not be denied. (Something worth celebrating!) I recall in my younger spiritual years, prayer was much like a pleading act. I would come to God with my mind […]

Not Just Daydreaming

Ever catch yourself daydreaming…? Ever wonder how that really works? It’s as if your eyesight literally stops working and a projector illuminates an image or a scene. We could say your “inside eyes” are turned on and can see something different than your natural eyes.  In fact, it is impossible to daydream with your natural eyes. To daydream, […]

The Key to All Power

If you came across an unfamiliar set of keys, they would be useless to you if you did not know what they opened? The only thing you might know about them is that they can both lock and unlock something..? but what? Keys are powerful, but without knowledge and possession, they are useless! So the real power is really in the “knowing.” […]