Being Flexible is Not the Same as Wavering

How many of you have been excited about a dream …only to have life happen?

I mean, the wheels were turning, your heart was beating wildly with anticipation, and the vision was coming in faster than you could write it down –and then one day, you found yourself wondering what happened?

I think this scenario is pretty relatable to most people. But sadly, it’s also a playground for the enemy. When the thoughts of “what happened” begin to come, so do thoughts of guilt, unworthiness, and disappointment.

I’ve been challenged at times with these very things. But I’ve learned this truth: Being flexible isn’t the same as wavering.

Most of us our familiar with the warning in the Book of James. “…he who doubts is like a wave of the sea driven and tossed by the wind. For let not that man suppose that he will receive anything from the Lord; he is a double-minded man, unstable in all his ways” (James 1:6-8). True. But don’t confuse this warning with life.

Having a dream deterred because you’re needed as a mom, dad, caregiver (of any kind), or short-term-project-super-hero, doesn’t mean you’ve wavered and are unstable. Sometimes life just happens and you’re going to have to be flexible.

I can’t begin to tell you how big my dreams are! There is so much more I want (and feel called) to do! But I’m also a wife (and to clarify, a pastor’s wife), mom to one more kid still at home who needs me, executive supervisor of a daycare, and an administrative supervisor of a growing church. All of these are worthy of my time and attention. And the Bible says the diligent will be rewarded (Hebrews 11:6), so no matter what apparent detour I’m on, I never set my dream aside. I continue in prayer, study, research, whatever I can put my hand to daily or weekly to keep it close.

I also remember Who called me to the dream…

God is faithful. And His timing is different than mine. He has the ability to see the end from the beginning, which means sometimes He shows us things which are still a ways ahead of us but He shows us so we will stay on the path.

Wavering means to change one’s mind, or possibly quit. [Tweet “If you continue to hold your dream in front of you, you’re not wavering. You’re being flexible!”]

Flexible describes bending without breaking. It perfectly describes the clay (that’s you and me) in the Potter’s (or we could say, God’s) hands. And this is where we always want to be. Each “apparent detour” may simply be a part of the process in the Potter’s big picture! He may be adding things you need, or taking away things you don’t.

Either way, as you remain flexible along the way, the end result will be amazing.

Consider a slinky:
It’s flexibility is also what keeps it moving–it’s only when it stops altogether that it becomes unproductive.

So don’t get discouraged. Stay the course. Keep your eye on the prize. And don’t waver!


2 thoughts on “Being Flexible is Not the Same as Wavering

  1. Today it seems God has carried me along but it’s been hard. Very hard too often and it’s now a couple years later. Depression I believe is the worst and next – other health issues. As I recall over decades … Depression makes you ill I think even if you’re not! The majority of people have no clue and to wish whoever would learn about it first hand is cruel. Suffice to say it sucks the life out of you … Robin Williams perhaps the most well known suicide of recent years suffered from depression, anxiety and other malady’s. I don’t know what faith he pursued whether self proclaimed or a religious one. However a Faith can make a huge difference. I doubt if I would be here now if my wife Connie hadn’t explained about Jesus and the bible to me.

    In regards to Robin I had many many people lament and ask me how could he have done it. He had a fortune and millions of fans and more! Well, I understood that he had financial problems via divorces, flopped movies, limited show dates coming up and Oh! He had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s like Michael J. Fox who is still with us. Parkinson’s is a terrible disease I know via friends and family. Flexibility is difficult too!

    When we look for anyone who has survived ( remained flexible) we have to find someone with a faith that is practiced Daily and hopefully a family too! There is strength in numbers!

    I think only then do we have a chance of hope! Also, as Daphne has said, ‘don’t get discouraged’!

    • I couldn’t have made it without my faith in God either Rick 🙂 And I’m so glad your wife shared with you because you are now a great encouragement to many!

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