Not Just Daydreaming

Ever catch yourself daydreaming…?

Ever wonder how that really works? It’s as if your eyesight literally stops working and a projector illuminates an image or a scene. We could say your “inside eyes” are turned on and can see something different than your natural eyes.  In fact, it is impossible to daydream with your natural eyes.

To daydream, you have to lose sight of your surroundings in order to transition into that realm. The dictionary defines daydreams as a pleasant scheme or wish that is unlikely to be fulfilled; a pipe dream.  But who decides the definition? We never stop and question is it really true or not… we just take it for face value without even knowing who said it, explained it or decided it.

So according to the definition, a daydream is merely a fantasy that will never come true. (Remember, I didn’t say it.. the dictionary did.) But in his letter to the Romans, Paul writes about the kind of faith needed to be able to “see”  beyond the natural. “The Good News tells us how God makes us right in his sight. This is accomplished from start to finish by faith. As the scripture says, “It is through faith that a righteous person has life” (Romans 16:17).

In other words, once we lose focus, we lose sight.

According to God’s Word, we are made righteous through Christ Jesus. He did the work, but now it’s up to us to walk out all that’s been made available to us. And this is done (from start to finish) through the eyes of faith!

I am so thankful to now know the difference between my daydreams and the promises made known to me through my own eyes of faith (in Him). So I want to ask you… What are you looking at?  Your “inside eyes” have the ability to look beyond current situations, over sickness and disease, through fears and doubts, and FOCUS on the author and finisher of your faith.

Faith isn’t about what you’ve done, or can do… but on who already did it and stands behind it… JESUS!

Think about it: If we believe a dictionary written by man, why in the world wouldn’t we believe Almighty God, our Father, who defines us victorious in his sight?! Have you read what He says about you? Or are you merely daydreaming? Maybe it’s time to read the definition written next to your name instead of allowing life and man define you.

I know who I am. I am 1 Peter 2:9. How about you?


Angie is co-host on the Identity Advantage Podcast with Daphne Delay. She also has a huge heart for children and volunteers at Family Harvest Church in Seminole, Texas as a lead elementary teacher. Angie's joy and quick wit make her a lot of fun, but it's her love of God's Word that is most contagious.