Stay Close To Your Garden

In our recent podcast, Forgotten Prayers, my good friend and cohost Angie Gonzales and I talked about hope and prayers that seems to go unanswered. In praying and thinking about this, the Holy Spirit helped her write down what she was seeing in her spirit. I want to share it with you today. I believe it will encourage your faith as well.

What happens to seeds (hope) we forget about? In other words, those prayers we prayed and held on to so tightly for a time, but before you know it, no longer on the forefront of our mind? We gave it thought every once and awhile, but we never nurtured it like it deserved.

Every dream should have our fullest attention. But what happens when the dream goes dormant?

Or do they?

I can remember many prayers I’ve prayed and waited and waited and waited on, watching for any sign to spring forth that my prayers were being answered. But many times, there was nothing. But I soon learned, this didn’t mean God wasn’t working. Maybe He’s waiting for you to visit the garden of your dreams again, to refresh His Word to you (which is His promise), in order to activate your vision once again.

God’s Word promises us His Word will not return void (Isaiah 55:8-11), but many times His Word left me feeling void, as if I wasn’t heard or didn’t need what I was asking for. This is when I learned prayers are SEEDS. And our faith is what makes them produce. Our visits to the garden of hop and prayer happen when we praise God in anticipation of what is to come. And our time in God’s presence is where we find rest and strength to keep fighting the good fight of faith over that thing.

I believe once the seed (prayer) has been sowed (prayed out), God tends to it, even if we’ve walked away from it. When anything is sown in the garden of faith (good ground), I believe the Holy Spirit brings it to remembrance and leads us back tot he garden so we can encounter the One who placed the dream within us.

No good thing will God withhold from His children. So stay hopeful, prayerful, and most importantly, stay close to your garden.


Angie is co-host on the Identity Advantage Podcast with Daphne Delay. She also has a huge heart for children and volunteers at Family Harvest Church in Seminole, Texas as a lead elementary teacher. Angie's joy and quick wit make her a lot of fun, but it's her love of God's Word that is most contagious.