The Key to All Power

If you came across an unfamiliar set of keys, they would be useless to you if you did not know what they opened? The only thing you might know about them is that they can both lock and unlock something..? but what?

Keys are powerful, but without knowledge and possession, they are useless! So the real power is really in the “knowing.”

The dictionary defines keys as a metal instrument, usually of a specifically contoured shape, that is made to fit a lock and, when rotated, operates the lock mechanism. Another definition describes a key as something that affords a means of access. In Matthew 16:19, Jesus said, “I will give you the keys of the Kingdom of heaven; and whatever you bind on earth must be what is already bound in heaven; and whatever you loose on earth must be what is already loosened in heaven.”

God himself is the master key, and His Word holds many keys–but it’s our faith (when operated) that unlocks the access. In other words, the word of God is a collage of mysteries waiting to be unlocked. Unfortunately however, many of us will let His Word remain a mystery because we are unwilling to find out just exactly what those keys will open or close.

The mere knowledge we hold in our hands brings forth an awareness and the power behind the awareness brings forth the ability to possess that which is before us. As believers we shouldn’t be just aware of God’s promises, we should become His promises! The key to every lock is at our disposal awaiting the Master to operate it’s power–and we are the instrument created in His image to unlock all powers and blessings.

So the next time you read the word of God, take it and unlock that which has been lacking or out of your reach, knowing that the scriptures (keys) were created to give you, not only authority, but assurance in obtaining full access to His kingdom promises. Our heavenly Father is the Master locksmith and we are his vessels of victory!

During my darkest times, I sought out keys (scripture) of light. During sickness, I sought out keys of healing. And because God is faithful to my faith, He unlocked my darkness and brought me to the light (revelation) of His promises towards me. The only thing standing between you and your victory is not the lock, but your lack of knowing the key that unlocks it all. You would never intentionally show up somewhere without a key knowing you need entry, so why would you show up keyless in life?

It’s time to take what’s rightfully yours and live life to the fullest! “But my God shall supply all your needs according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus” (Philipians 4:19).


Angie is co-host on the Identity Advantage Podcast with Daphne Delay. She also has a huge heart for children and volunteers at Family Harvest Church in Seminole, Texas as a lead elementary teacher. Angie's joy and quick wit make her a lot of fun, but it's her love of God's Word that is most contagious.