There’s Always a Way Out

Dark. Cold. Alone. Empty. Helpless. Hopeless…?

Does this describe a time you have ever faced? Most of us have gone through a situation that has left us feeling just like this at some point in our lives. You may be going through something like this right now. It can be cruel and extremely tormenting. I realize I’m painting a very bleak scenario here but this is exactly what many people are facing each and every day. It’s called isolation.

Does this sound familiar?

  • Nobody can help me
  • Nobody seems to care
  • Nobody would understand
  • Why are all of my friends and family unavailable?
  • I feel overwhelmed
  • The walls are closing in
  • Who is there to talk to?
  • I don’t know what to do
  • Why is this happening to me?
  • There isn’t a way out

Listen to me… There is always a way out!

How do I know? Because I’ve been there and God showed me the way out.  The bottom line is God is The Way out!  Simply put, isolation is a state of being in a place or situation that is separate from others.  Of course, there are two ways you can look at this: positively or negatively.  Unfortunately, many times we only see isolation as a negative experience.   The Bible tells us in 2 Corinthians 2:11 not to be ignorant or unfamiliar with the enemy’s devices and evil schemes against us.  During times of isolation, the devil will kick you when you’re down, and attack with the assorted list mentioned above to try and bring you into a state of depression and/or oppression.  When there’s a lack of knowledge of why you may be going through a form of isolation, your enemy will hit you with overwhelming feelings of:

  • Where is God in all of this?
  • Is God hearing my prayers?
  • Does God care?
  • How come I don’t feel His Presence?
  • Why does God seem so far away?

He then uses depression and/or oppression as a way to gain entrance into your thoughts, then your words, then your life.  Ultimately the devil is wanting you to feel so far separated from God that you begin to even doubt His very existence. But I want you to hear this again…

[bctt tweet=”There is always a way out because God is the Way out!” username=”jayhoskins1″] How do we handle times of isolation?

First, we have to realize that when these times come, it’s how we respond to them that determines our outcome. I once heard it said that when you feel like everyone and everything is against you, and you’re tempted to feel sorry for yourself, this is a sure sign there is demonic activity at work. And I totally agree with this statement because Colossians 1:14 says God has delivered us from the power of darkness and has translated us into the Kingdom of His Dear Son.

Notice it says “He has delivered us” and “He has translated us.”  Both are past tense, meaning, it’s already a done deal!  You and I have already been delivered and translated by the Power and Blood of Jesus Christ.  All we have to do is accept Him into our hearts as Savior and exercise the authority He has already made available to us.  The word “delivered” means saved, rescued, and set free.  The word “translated” means transferred or relocated. Therefore, you and I “have been” (past tense) saved, rescued, and set free from ALL the power of darkness AND “have been” (past tense) transferred, relocated, and put in an entirely better and greater place than we have ever been before.

This means… It’s a done deal!

My best advice is to use this time of isolation to be separated unto God rather than separated from God.  In other words spend time worshipping Him, praying to Him, and seeking Him. He’s always with us!

And remember, There is always a way out …because HE BECAME OUR WAY OUT!


Rev. Jay Hoskins is a dynamic and bold minister with a unique blend of revelation, excitement, and humor that makes the Word of God life-changing to all ages. Jay, and his wife Tammy, served Pastor Kenneth Hagin faithfully as associate pastors at Rhema Bible Church for 5 years and now travel extensively ministering in many churches holding extended Revivals and Miracle Rallies.

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