Let’s Believe the Best

I want to encourage you today to believe the best of every person.

You will have opportunity to see the faults in others and it’s inevitable that you will be disappointed in the actions (or inaction) of people. It’s especially hard when it’s family or someone you’ve developed a close relationship with, but… [bctt tweet=”Never set your eyes on the faults of man.” via=”no”]

The Bible encourages us to “Set [our] mind on things above, not on things on the earth” (Colossians 3:2). Actually, I might be being too nice by saying the Bible encourages us to do this… actually, this is an instruction, intended for our advantage.

We have to remember God is love. He does not rejoice at iniquity (wrong-doing) but He does look at us through a lens of potential. And that’s what we must do too. None of us have arrived or are where we need to be spiritually, but we’re also not where we used to be. This is the grace and understanding we need to give to others.

I live in a small town and it’s very easy to hear through the grapevine other people’s business. But no matter what I’ve heard, when I see someone I remind myself that they may have had an encounter with God the day before. My life was changed in an instant because of an encounter with God. Life didn’t become easy overnight, but my awareness of life and all it’s potential awakened me to change.

And this is God’s heart toward every person– so give them grace.

“Love bears all things [regardless of what comes], believes all things [looking for the best in each one], hopes all things [remaining steadfast during difficult times], endures all things [without weakening]” (1 Corinthians 13:7, AMP).

I know it can be hard. But instead of judging, getting angry and caught up in sin yourself, why don’t you pray for them to have an encounter with God? Ask God to open the eyes of their understanding. Pray for His goodness and mercy to invade their life.

This is what He did for you and I. This is what God wants for every person. So refuse to judge outwardly. Instead, tap into love. Hurting people hurt people. Let us not be ones that perpetuate the problem, but instead become missionaries of love by praying and believing for their well-being.


5 thoughts on “Let’s Believe the Best

  1. Oh my! You have no idea of the timing of this word this morning.
    Thank you! With the God within you and Jesus Calling I think I myself have a good reminder and my eyes opened again.

  2. I was sitting on my front porch this morning with a friend after morning devotionals when she shared with me that you, Ms. Daphne had a blog. I searched daphneydelay.com by mistake and it suggested “would you like to search Daphne Delay”? I selected that and the first web page option was this post from 5/12/16. I knew after reading the first line that this post was God answering my prayers. As I was trying to book our family vacation yesterday I was “subjected” (my feelings regarding how “I” was treated) to very rude mannerism by a couple of women that I was trying to book our lodging with. I was made to feel as though they were put out by my questions regarding a place I am unfamiliar with and I was also treated as if her confusion and mistakes were my fault. Lastly I was informed that they did not think I was going to be happy there and that she was just going to cancel our booking and I was hung up on. I was so offended by the mannerism in which I was treated that I researched the owners names and was able to contact them within roughly an hours time. The owners were very kind in addressing the booking and completed our booking. I have remained troubled by this situation because even though I was able to get our booking corrected I felt that the way in which I had been treated had not been justifiably made right but more that they were just very happy to take our money. I have been praying about how I should feel, what I should or shouldn’t say to the owners regarding the areas left unanswered, where I was right to feel the way I was and where I was wrong, etc. This petty little moment was having a great effect on me but when I opened your blog I knew immediately that God was answering my prayers and all of my questions. I wanted to share this detailed version with you regarding what happened because I am so moved by how God answers our prayers in the most unexpected ways. I humbly thank him for his revelation and I no longer feel any strife over what happened. God is good……

    • I love how God crosses our path with exactly what we need WHEN we need it 🙂 You didn’t say, but I’m guessing this post caused you to believe the best of those that were being rude? Sometimes we have to consider there may have been other factors (unrelated to us) that played into the equation, but because we didn’t know that, it’s tempting to take it personally! Thanks for sharing Timmi.

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