5 Days To A Stronger You

Finding a Self to live with is the #1 obstacle we all face. And oftentimes, the depth of this problem goes undetected because we believe our own lies. This is why I created a new 5-day devotional. It is designed to highlight common stumbling blocks and equip you with Truth.

When we know the Truth, we’re empowered.

When we accept and apply the Truth, we overcome.

5 Days to a Stronger You: How to Overcome Common Stumbling Blocks

This new eBook is my gift to subscribers. The heart behind this ministry has always been to help you see yourself in Christ. Every post, podcast, and free resource has this goal in mind. And what a great way to start your day –meditating on the promises and help from God’s Word. Each day also includes a personal prayer and confession card.

For those already subscribed to daphnedelay.com, watch for a follow-up email TODAY with your free copy of 5 Days to a Stronger You. If you’re new, all you have to do is subscribe to get your free eBook!


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