Outstanding not Outlandish

There’s a show on TLC called Love, Lust, or Run. It’s about how women dress and present themselves, asking the question, “Do others view you the way you’re wanting them to?” And in every case, the answer is no.

The first thing they are asked to do is remove everything –their outfit, jewelry, and especially their make-up. I always get teary-eyed watching these women become vulnerable. The mirror reveals our real identity (self-image) every time. But the truth is you don’t have to outlandish to be just like the sweet girl in this video.

God created you beautiful. You have gifts and talents. And only YOU have to know that. It doesn’t matter what the world says… What matters is if you’ll agree with what God says… about you. And He says you are outstanding!

“For you died to this life, and your real life is hidden with Christ in God” (Colossians 3:3).[x_video_embed]


  • Rick Carter

    Hi Daphne!

    Glad you posted on this since rather than self image improving for girls it seems to be going downhill. The reasons are too many. My wife and I did always tell our daughter (Erika) she was pretty and she was not her hair alone, but so much more! We applauded her accomplishments of which there were many! She started and ran a successful babysitting service for the summer. Her art creations showed so much promise and more. Being pretty or handsome is only a small part of us but we all get trapped by our images and what we think others see!

    I worry more and more about all ages of girls to women as the media portrays them. I pray more girls get the opportunity see what God sees in them. I don’t know how to help except I can pray as can we all!

    Until they see who they really are (in Christ), they will fall prey to sex trafficking at one end to to abusive boyfriends and family abuse at the other. Take a second or two each day to pray for the children. Thanks Daphne! So happy about your post!

    • I hope others see your comment Rick because I’ve always believed a lack of self image is a problem for every person —male or female. But as you said, this video captures the real threat our daughters face every day. And yes, prayer for eyes to be opened is so needed!