Facing God (Tulsa: Harrison House, 2017)

If righteousness is right-standing with God, then self-righteousness must be it’s greatest enemy.

Book Details: [Part 3 in a 3 book series]

In the story of Job, we find an interesting illustration of how self-righteousness evolves and opens the door to the enemy in our lives. Job had strong convictions and he wasn’t afraid to stand by them, yet his friend eventually asked, “Do you think this is right? Do you say, ‘My righteousness is more than God’s?’”

And in a surprise visit, the Lord appears and asks His own questions: “Why do you confuse the issue? Why do you talk without knowing what you’re talking about?” The Bible is clear. God is addressing Job here, no one else. But wait—isn’t Job the same man God calls “blameless”? What happened? Is it possible what God meant and what man has interpreted for centuries are two different things?

People have often claimed, “God said Job didn’t sin so he couldn’t have been wrong.” This isn’t true. What the Bible actually says is, “In all of this, Job did not sin by blaming God,” and “In all this Job did not sin with his lips.” These are very clear descriptions of how Job didn’t sin, but they are just as clear in how he slipped. People sin every day and never blame God for their actions. And the most dangerous of all sins are those of the heart, the sins that never cross our lips but build up under the surface just waiting for an opportunity to explode.

This is the story of the man who challenged Godthe man God originally called blameless. But was he? Are any of us? What we know for sure is, the Lord used the story of Job to illustrate His never-ending mercy and compassion to cover our sins and teach us His ways.

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Facing God was amazing! It is good to be a hard worker, but do we work hard to earn God’s favor? Do we in essence become a human doing rather than a human being measuring our success or failure in our relationship with God with what we do or don’t do? This is the very reason God gave us righteousness /right standing through Christ instead of us thinking we can earn it. Otherwise, we fall into unworthiness if we fall short or self-righteousness if we succeed. Either way it becomes about us and leaves God out. Be still and just be with Him. Let Him love on you, and His assignment will follow!Valerie Moore

Facing the Enemy (Tulsa: Harrison House, 2016)

Once you understand who you are in Christ, God wants you to turn and face the enemy with the same confidence, boldness, and faith.

Book Details: [Part 2 in a 3 book series]

Sadly, the greatest oxymoron to ever exist is the phrase defeated Christian. It’s heartbreaking to think most believers are living with masks on, hiding what’s behind their facade. They overcome, but never seem to conquer. They’re frustrated, but don’t know why. They are saved from hell, but living in some form of it every day.

This has to change.

Facing the Enemy will equip believers with the three essentials outlined in God’s Word to live victoriously:

  • An understanding of righteousness
  • An understanding of deception
  • An understanding of our authority in Christ

Righteousness is a big (almost religious-sounding) word. But it holds the greatest treasure any person could ever receive. Deception isn’t anything new—but God’s people perish for a lack of knowledge of the strategies and tactics of the devil. They have no clue how to fight back and win. Our authority was stolen by Satan and retrieved by Jesus. Authority in Christ isn’t steps or principles—authority is based on knowledge. What you know determines what you do.


Wrapped in Psalm 23, we have a glimpse of how God intended for believers to face their enemy with a boldness that will startle hell and bless humanity.

We need an understanding of all three.

In the book, FACING THE ENEMY: Strategies for Living Victoriously Behind Enemy Lines, you will:

  • Learn what it means to be “behind enemy lines”
  • Understand the importance of the trade Jesus made with us
  • Be taught how to identify the strategies of the enemy against you
  • Learn how to protect the soil of your heart
  • Learn to recognize and deal with the strongholds in your life
  • Discover the truth about your dominion and authority in Christ
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Facing the Enemy is a phenomenal book! I was going through something that was making me almost depressed. I knew it was the enemy, but even still it was like I was just laying down and letting him walk all over me. While reading this book, I gained an even stronger understanding of righteousness and how God looks at me. It helped my faith so much that I was able to really get into the Word of God more about my situation and apply it! I also gained a better understanding of my authority and was able to use that in my situation. Even though I’ve been in Bible School and ‘knew’ all that stuff, this book really helped some things click in my heart so it became revelation instead of just head knowledge. I was astonished at the teaching in it and am so thankful for it! Kayla Hartman

Facing the Mirror (Tulsa: Harrison House, 2016)

Did you know how you view yourself is how you view your life (positively or negatively)?

Book Details:

NEWLY RELEASED BY HARRISON HOUSE, and as Part 1 in a 3 book series, Daphne teaches the simple, yet in-depth riches of our righteousness in Christ. She also shares the valuable lesson she first learned in front of her own mirror and how she was able to teach it to her son a few years before a tragic car accident almost changed how he saw himself.

The Bible is full of big-sounding words, and the world is full of people who need the benefit of those words–words that fly right over their head, yet have the ability to empower them against the lies of the enemy. One such word is righteousness-the gift given to mankind through Christ to stand before God and all trials with humble confidence. Religion has made it out to sound pious and unattainable, but in reality, righteousness simply describes our right-standing with God (thus, our position), and the effect it should produce in our lives (through our actions).

In this revealing message, you will:

  • See yourself as God sees you
  • Learn how to drop the dead weight of guilt, condemnation, and regret
  • Discover the Truth about God
  • Learn what righteousness is, and the benefits that belong to every believer
  • Find out who you are despite what you’ve been through
  • Learn the truth about the lies and deceptions that have held you back
  • Be taught how to live in the freedom God intended you to have
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Have you ever wished for the right book to deal with those hard issues no one wants to face? I found it when I sat down to read ‘Facing the Mirror.’ Instead of suffering through life with issues continuously harassing us, Daphne helps us to look into the mirror of God’s Truth and see ourselves the way He does. She says, ‘Before you can ever truly reflect Christ toward others, you must first see Christ in you.’ Get ready to be really changed from the inside out. This book and its accompanying workbook are powerful tools for personal or group study and for people of all ages.Trina Hankins
In her own real and inspiring way, Daphne uses lessons from her own life to completely liberate how we see ourselves! No matter how we feel about the person we see in the mirror today, these words from Daphne’s heart contain the power to transform that reflection. Facing the Mirror is absolutely one of the most beneficial reads of a life time!JudiJo Adams
[Daphne] has a great flow from chapter to chapter and a very readable writing style…Doug Jones
For years, I’ve heard it said that you have to love yourself before you can love others. Although this is a true statement, we don’t always know how to do that. Daphne does a great job of not only explaining why we need to love ourselves (and the ramifications of not), but also lays out clearly and concisely an approach for arriving at that place. If you have hurts, habits, or hangups from your past or present, this book will equip you to find freedom from the guilt and shame that comes with those. The release of that burden is exhilarating and life changing!Dawn White