Our Current Nakedness Blog Post

I was given a new Bible translation by a sweet lady at a women’s conference this past year. It’s called The Voice and it’s published by Thomas Nelson. I’ve decided it’s going to be my go-to in 2017 to pull out different aspects of scripture and help me think deeper. And today, I already found one […]

Dab and Laugh Blog Post

I was recently standing in the yard visiting with a good friend after a walk through the neighborhood when my daughter and one of her friends drove up. They joined us and as we laughed and talked about our need to exercise (which my daughter knows is not on my high priority list), I had […]

It’s OK Ryan Blog Post

Unless you’ve avoided the Olympic games and television and news feeds in general, you’re probably aware of the embellished robbery story with Ryan Lochte and three other American swimmers. As I watched his interview with Matt Lauer on the Today Show, I was moved with compassion. It’s OK Ryan. I mean, it’s not really okay […]