I’ve Joined GOD TV!

I’ve been waiting to tell you! I was recently approached by an executive for GOD TV and asked to be a community contributor for the blog portion of their network! And I’m going to be honest… I didn’t even know they had a blog. But when I went and checked it out, I was highly impressed.

So not only am I letting you know about this great opportunity I’ve been given to reach more people, I want to encourage you to subscribe to their content. GOD TV has regular encouragement and teachings from Bill Johnson, Joyce Meyer, and many others I’m looking forward to learning from, plus videos from Bryan & Katie Torwalt, Lacrae, Beth Croft, and other speakers and musicians. It’s a great site!

So check out my first article: https://blog.god.tv/living-emotions/

And while you’re sharing this post to Facebook (haha), go like their page too!