Identity Advantage Podcast

30-Minute Podcast Conversations
with Daphne Delay & Angie Gonzales

I love the way you bounce ideas off of each other and build on what the other one says. Iron sharpening iron in action! They are relaxed discussions and contain many real-life everyday examples. You do a good job of showing how to apply these truths daily.Survey Testimony

Ready for a change?

When people are desperate for change, hunger for Truth is inevitable.
But just like “only perfect practice makes perfect”…

Only REAL TRUTH brings about REAL CHANGE.

Join Daphne and her good friend and co-host, Angie Gonzales, each week on Identity Advantage to grow in your understanding of righteousness, deception, and your authority in Christ.


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Angie Gonzales is a lover of Jesus and His Word. Her passion is to help every believer find their voice. She’ll be the first to tell you in order to find your voice you must know your position… and to know your position, you must understand your righteousness. In other words, your voice is your identity, and your identity is your victory!

“They will proclaim his righteousness, declaring to a people yet unborn: He has done it!” (Psalms 22:31)