Don’t Let the Devil Take That Field! Blog Post

"If you don't fight for your beans, the devil will take your taco, your burrito, and the whole enchilada!" If you
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10,000 Reasons Blog Post

10,000 Reasons is the title of a song by Matt Redman. And I love it because in a world full of 10
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Choose, Chose, Chosen Blog Post

"For many are called, but few are chosen" (Matthew 22:14). This may be one of the most questioned scriptures of all
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Love Has No Face Podcast Episode 126

Hurricane Harvey changed the way we see things. How about you? We know God isn't the author of destruction, but
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The Word That Saves Blog Post

Sometimes you can locate where people are by how much response they give to a certain topic, or how much
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No More Cheese & Crackers [Re-Broadcast] Podcast Episode 088

What if we could tell you the ONE THING that is a really BIG DEAL to God? Wouldn't you want
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If you’re looking for help with depression, identity, insecurities, self-image, or you’re just stuck… these courses will help you find the freedom you’re so desperately seeking–the same freedom many others have found through an understanding of righteousness. But now you’ll have a personal coach to guide you.

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Whether it’s through the written word, or the spoken word, Daphne’s heart is passionate about helping people find and apply TRUTH to their lives!

Daphne is a seasoned speaker who understands people need deep truth but in an easy-to-grasp-and-apply approach. She speaks regularly at women’s conferences, churches, and events. 

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