Shame has been a tool of the enemy since the fall of Adam and Eve. But while guilt is a painful feeling of regret and responsibility for one’s actions, shame is a painful feeling about oneself as a person. And unfortunately, as long as sin exists, so will shame.

In this episode of Identity Advantage, Daphne and Angie discuss the effects of shame and uncover a truth about how Jesus wants us to deal with the awful feelings that attach themselves to it. Simply put: when we feel guilty about something, it’s because we feel bad about what we did; while shame is actually more toxic to our identity because it says we ourselves are bad (regardless of what we did). There is a big difference between the two.

Overcoming feelings of shame are possible. As one person once said:

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4 thoughts on “Ashamed

  1. Having struggled with addiction in the past, I found the following to be true – Shame is the root of ALL addictive behavior. Worst thing a parent can say to a child is ‘Shame on you!’ Shame speaks to who you are, not what you did. When I see myself in Christ, shame can no longer rule my life. The sin, mistake or bad behavior is no longer Who I Am, just what I did. I am who God says I am! 🙂 This recognition allows me to receive forgiveness and forgive myself. I wonder if ‘cleansing from all unrighteousness,’ spoken of in 1 John 1:9, would include shame?

    • That’s a super point Dane. I don’t know that we always consider what all is covered under the term “unrighteousness” but shame would definitely be included! Good word 🙂

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