Had I Not Learned Christ

Podcast Episode 001

Welcome to the first podcast for Identity Advantage. In this episode, we talk about “Why Identity Advantage?” In other words, what is the advantage of knowing your identity (in Christ)?

We’ll also take a brief look at why we feel these basics are important for every believer:

  • Understanding Righteousness (Identity)
  • Understanding Deception (Wisdom)
  • Understanding Authority (Victory)

One of the things we both can testify of is this: Had we not learned Christ (meaning, who He is and what His Word says), we would not be where we are today.

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One thought on “Had I Not Learned Christ

  1. It’s amazing how God knows just what you need to hear when you need to hear it . The analogy of the rabid dog coming back day after day really opened my eyes to things that have been happening in my own mind. Of course you would be diligent to get a dangerous dog out of your yard it doesn’t belong there and I have the fence ( the word ) to prevent it from coming near . I have been established in righteousness! nd I’m eager to hear more on how to defeat

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