Give God Something to Work With

Podcast Episode 002

In this week’s episode, Daphne & Angie discuss the importance of participating with God in all aspects of your identity in Christ. The key scripture for Identity Advantage is Philemon 1:6, which says:

[And I pray] that the participation in and sharing of your faith may produce and promote full recognition and appreciation and understanding and precise knowledge of every good [thing] that is ours in [our identification with] Christ Jesus [and unto His glory].

WOW. There are so many amazing thoughts that stem from this one verse! And each thought gives direction to the goal of understanding our identity in Christ and how to grow in this knowledge and ultimately live from this place of victory.

It’s pretty simple actually… be willing.

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  • I thought both of your first two shows were interesting, informative, and right on point! You mentioned how our gratitude for where Jesus brought us from GROWS as we know ever more of who we are IN Him! That is certainly true for me. As I see more and more who God says I am, I am often overcome with thankfulness that my “old man” is dead, and that I am a totally new creation IN Him! I am no longer bound by or affected in any way by my past. I have liberty IN Him to experience all things new! There are certainly many advantages in my new identity IN Him!

    • Thanks for sharing Stephen 🙂 I love your last statement: “many advantages in my new identity!” It’s so true! Joy being one of them! And your joy is apparent. Keep shining!