The Journey

Podcast Episode 006

This week we recorded on the road from the beautiful mountaintops of Cherokee, North Carolina. And to our delight what was going to be a regular episode turned into a GUEST EPISODE with Cheryl Grayson, Rebecca McInnis, and Monica Doody from Orlando, Florida.

You may not know these women but they soon became new best friends, as we all joined together to speak and minister at the North Carolina Women’s Conference. But for our gentlemen listeners, don’t tune out because it’s a bunch of women… As we asked each of them how they discovered their identity in Christ, we were in sheer amazement at the revelation each of them shared.

We know this episode will strengthen you! Here’s a highlight of what you’ll hear:

  • The difference between “wheat” and “cheats”
  • The importance of staying on the Potter’s wheel
  • The reason people struggle with the world’s definition of identity
  • The journey that makes it all worth while!

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2 thoughts on “The Journey

  1. In one of our teaching letters to prisoners, I included this unattributed quote: “Many people try to find their self before they find Jesus, but they need to know that when they find Jesus they will find their self.” I thought this spoke to the comment one of your guests made about people wanting to clean themselves up before going to church, or before coming to Jesus. Great show from Cherokee, NC.

    • That’s so true Stephen… we miss the point of letting God renew our spirits and try to revamp ourselves before the introduction. When all along we’re forgetting that we’re dealing with the great creator. Thanks for your insight.. blessings!

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