What Is Righteousness?

In this episode of Identity Advantage, Daphne and Angie ask a good question: What word would you use to describe righteousness? 

Depending on your perspective, you may view righteousness as right-standing, victory or favor–but these are each only a piece of the whole.Righteousness is both a position in Christ and then an ability to act. But to fully grasp (or partake of the pie), we must look at the basics. In this podcast, you’ll learn:

  • The first mention of righteousness
  • The difference between Old Covenant righteousness and God’s new way of making us right with Him
  • And why this understanding will strengthen your witness

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5 thoughts on “What Is Righteousness?

  1. Catching up on some missed episodes. Good word this morning Ladies! Always good to feed the roots of our beliefs. When we continue growing in our walk its import to keep the roots fertilized in order to keep the fruit. This session was root booster!!! To me Righteousness means Able. We are able to do His will, able to fulfill our purpose, able to love, able to give, able to be His child!!!!! Just one piece of the pie! Love you Ladies!

    • Love this Mrs. Michel.. I believe as we share our stories we will continue to fulfill our testimony! We’ve all been delivered from different things but all ended up in the same victory! Thanks for sharing.. love you dearly:)

  2. Great show about righteousness. The Father gives us everything Jesus deserves – all His favor, blessings, divine health, abundance, overcoming life and unconditional love – because Jesus took on Himself the punishment and curses due to us because of all our sin – past, present, and future. What an awesome exchange! We are restored, redeemed and reunited with the Father to the same level of intimacy of relationship that Adam had before the Fall. Incredible. It is too good to be true…BUT IT IS!!!

    • Beautifully said Stephen! His love is like that of a diamond.. many facets but the beauty is all the same! Thank you for sharing! Blessings to you

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