What To Do After You Face the Mirror

If understanding righteousness means an understanding of our ability to stand before God, then what do you do after you fully grasp that?

In other words, once you can stand before your mirror without a sense of guilt or inferiority because you’ve learned and accepted God’s gift of righteousness, then what?

In this week’s episode, Angie puts Daphne in the hot seat with questions regarding the manuscript she’s writing as a follow-up to Facing the Mirror, entitled Facing the Enemy. You’ll be helped by the nuggets of wisdom and truth shared in this podcast, such as:

  • How is the game of chess like life?
  • Why are Christians so similar to real soldiers entering boot camp?
  • How you can receive promises from God just like Abraham did


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3 thoughts on “What To Do After You Face the Mirror

  1. Your new book sounds like it will help many, and I look forward to reading it. Great illustration about Boot Camp. I am certain that one of the most important things to learn in Boot Camp is to obey the leader instantly and without question. Likewise, one of our most important strategies against the enemy is to obey our Leader, the Holy Spirit, in the same way – instantly and without questioning! HE is the chess Master, and HE has a move that is always at least one step ahead of our opponent. We must listen and then make HIS move in our lives.

    • Thanks for the feedback Stephen… I’m excited to finish her book soon and share more! Her wisdom is to our advantage, for which I am so grateful!

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