Light Carriers & Last Day Living!

In the beginning, God created light and then He created the lights. The difference is important. The first thing God created was light (revelation) to clearly separate it from the darkness, or deception and chaos that was on the earth. If that’s the first thing God did then, it’s still the first thing God wants to do in the life of every believer!

In this episode, Daphne is joined by special guest, Cheryl Grayson. Together they discuss light versus darkness, or should we say, revelation versus deception. Cheryl perfectly says in this podcast, “God didn’t call you to chase darkness. He called you to carry the light.”

Psalm 36:9 says, “In Your Light, we see light.” The greatest weapon believers have is the light within them. And in these last days, it’s imperative for believers to trust the light of God’s Word. The Bible says the Lord is our Shepherd and even though we face times of darkness (shadows of death), God can be trusted to lead us in paths of righteousness and protection.

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