Don’t Let Religion Steal Your Identity

Jesus hated religion. But let’s be clear… the religion we’re speaking of is a spirit, not a description of people who go to church (although the two could be found together sometimes).

A spirit of religion is a counterfeit (and often a put-off) that sounds or acts a certain way in an attempt to convince others this person is something different than they really are. This is why religion can steal your identity!

In this week’s episode, Daphne and Angie talk about the effects religion has had on people. It starts with a fear of man. In other words, when we don’t want someone else to know we’re less than perfect, we pretend all is good–unknowingly allowing a spirit of religion to attach itself to us. [Tweet “Religion kills. And the only way to resist this is to be authentic!”]

1 John 1:9 says, “Confess [be authentic] to God, for He is faithful and just and will forgive your sins and cleans you of all unrighteousness” (our paraphrase). When we can learn to be real with ourselves (giving ourselves grace), it’ll be much easier to be real with others too.

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