The Danger of I, My, & Me

What’s the difference between insecurity and pride? One has a lack of confidence and one is overly confident. So, what’s the difference between confidence and pride? The answer is: it depends on where your confidence stems from. For example, confidence in self is a form of pride. However, confidence in God is security (or the opposite of insecurity).

In this episode of Identity Advantage, Daphne and Angie discuss how easily we can misinterpret or misunderstand the difference between insecurity and pride. They also discuss how to conquer one or both of these by paying attention to what you’re watering. Every thought we have is a type of seed and seeds (good or bad) grow when we water them. When the seed of “I, my, or me” continues to break ground (or we could say, pop up), it’s important to identify it and deal with it!

Blog quote by Pastor Rob Shepherd: Pride is Insecurity’s Best Friend 

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