Who Am I?

Instead of a podcast this week, we wanted to send you this little reminder from #identityadvantage

Who am I?

Am I what I do? An artist? An accountant? A teacher? A mother?
Or am I what I’ve achieved? An honor student? An MVP? A winner?

Am I the things I’ve done right? Or am I defined by the things I’ve done wrong?

Am I a saint? A sinner?

What about what others think of me?
Am I all of these things? None of these things?

Who am I?

How I identify myself determines how I approach life.

If I am what I do, I’ll always need to do more and achieve more to find my value.
If I am what others say, I’ll always try to please people instead of my Heavenly Father.
But if I listen to who God says I am, and embrace His identity in me, I’ll find the freedom to live out all He has planned for me!

God calls me His child. He says I am wise and restored, that I’m a brand-new creation in Christ!

I am chosen, and holy, and blameless before God.

He calls me His masterpiece! I am loved by God!
He says I am made complete through the grace and mercy of Jesus my Savior!
And when I see myself the way God sees me, I walk with confidence because I trust the One who answers the question…


by: Cleon Alleyne (click link to view this video in YouTube)