Facing the Mirror [dvd]

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DVD SERIES | Designed for Bible Study Groups

In each 30-35 minute teaching, Daphne ministers on the truths found in her book, Facing the Mirror. Accompanying workbook available for individual or group study.

  • Session One (Chapters 1&2): God’s Guidance System
  • Session Two (Chapters 3&4): How the Devil Defeats Us
  • Session Three (Chapters 5&6): Behind the Veil
  • Session Four (Chapters 7&8): Learning to Receive
  • Session Five (Chapters 9&10): Faith and Feelings
  • Session Six (Chapters 11&12): Performance Not Required
  • Session Seven (Chapters 13&14): Total Salvation
  • Session Eight (Chapter 15): Living Out Our Righteousness

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