Understanding Deception |Free Webinar|

Our first webinar, Understanding Righteousness, was a big success! You can watch it on my coaching page (click link). And up next (as promised), is Understanding Deception.

Do you realize you are the devil’s target?

More specifically, do you realize he wants YOU to miss the target of God’s will (which happens to be the definition of sin). So how does this happen?

Let me ask you: How much room are you giving the devil? Probably not intentionally, but unless you’re aware of his devices, you are probably giving him more access than you think. Ephesians 4:27 says, “Don’t give the devil any opportunity to work!”

Understanding Deception

Join me on October 26 at 8PM Central (9pm EST, 6pm MST) for this live teaching on the strategies and tricks of the devil that target our mind and cause unnecessary anguish in the lives of believers. We have been given the tools and the wisdom to know how our enemy works — IF we’re willing to learn them.

In this FREE webinar, I will also be giving away prizes for attendees. Don’t miss!

This event is free but you must register by completing this “purchase” to receive the webinar login link.


  1. Mark your calendar for October 26 — 8:00pm-9:00pm
  2. Register for the free webinar on Understanding Deception at shop.daphnedelay.com (you must register to receive the login link).
  3. Go to my ministry Facebook Page and mark that you’re going so it’ll spread the word and encourage others to sign up too!
  4. Check out the mentoring courses available and pray about investing in yourself!

You and I need all the equipping we can get in these last days. I hope to see you at the webinar!