Understanding Righteousness |Free Webinar|

How do you get people from all over the world in one place at one time? The internet.

This question has been on my heart for some time now. What are the best ways to reach and help people? And more specifically, what are the best ways to reach and help people with the message God gave me as an assignment?

Introduce: WEBINARS.

A webinar is like a seminar that takes place on the internet, allowing participants in different locations to see and hear the speaker, ask questions, and basically participate live while in the comfort of their home or office.

So after some prayer and research, I’ve decided to launch a series of webinars to help people understand the foundations of our righteousness, the deceptions of our enemy, and the authority of the believer! These are the very revelations that changed my life. And I’m certain God wants me to share and help others with these same truths!

So first up: Understanding Righteousness.

Consider this scenario: you’ve been given a big suitcase as a gift from a generous donor but you never open it. It’s yours. You carry it around with you, but you have no clue what’s inside. This describes a lot of people’s understanding of righteousness. It’s not just one thing (like a suitcase) but many things contained within it.

In this first webinar, I’ll be explaining what righteousness is, how it belongs to every believer, and how it should empower them to overcome, stand strong, and impact the world for the kingdom of God.

There’s more: I’ll also be giving away some prizes and a FREE mentoring session.

A mentor is described as a trusted counselor or teacher; one who acts as a coach to guide another.

A few years ago, when my book on righteousness was being republished as Facing the Mirror, I had an opportunity to work with a young woman step-by-step as she read my book and answered the workbook questions. Each week we discussed her thoughts and how she was feeling. I realized by week eight and nine, her demeanor, attitude, and answers were dramatically different than week one and two. In fact, one time she said to me, “I once would’ve answered this question this way (fill-in-the-blank), but now I know this (truth)!”

I still see her regularly and she’s never been the same. All because of God’s truth and the help of what some call a life coach. I like that term, but as I was praying recently, I decided TRUTH COACH better fit what my mission is about. So in addition to these webinars where I can help coach groups of people with truth from God’s Word, I’ve also set up three mentoring courses designed for the one-on-one.

Each mentoring course includes a book, workbook, and several weeks of personal email and phone calls (based on the book chapters). It’s completely private, confidential, and effective. The nice thing is that once again, technology enables me to work with people near or far.


  1. Mark your calendar for SEPTEMBER 21 — 8:00pm-9:00pm
  2. Register for the free webinar on Understanding Righteousness at shop.daphnedelay.com (you must register to receive the login link).
  3. Go to my ministry Facebook Page and mark that you’re going so it’ll spread the word and encourage others to sign up too!
  4. Check out the mentoring courses available and pray about investing in yourself!

You and I need all the equipping we can get in these last days. I hope to see you at the webinar!