NEW CD: I Am Concerned

I have studied righteousness for years. And by default, I have become aware of what God calls unrighteous. In this teaching, I share my heart and concerns about how Christians treat one another and respond to vocal and social-media topics. Regardless of the times, God still calls His people to be holy. And there are grave […]

NEW CD! It Is Well

When you are facing a challenge, does your heart respond in FAITH or FEAR? The story of the Shulamite woman and her son might just be the best picture of faith in scripture. There are certainly principles in her approach to the prophet and her response to tragedy that will help us walk through obstacles […]

NEW CD! No More Gloomy Days

Sometimes people slip so negative they’ve got to get back to zero before seeing positive. But we should never forget: [Tweet “Reversing negative is always a positive direction.”] In this teaching, Daphne uses the story of Elijah to reveal God’s heart towards those who are facing obstacles and a sense of defeat. Depression and oppression are simply end-time attacks on […]