Who is Me?

This question has been asked for 2,000 years and still confounds philosophers, artists, and everyday Joes. Someone once said: “Sometimes I pretend to be normal but it gets boring, so I go back to being me!” But who is ME? In this week’s episode, Daphne and Angie look at 2 Corinthians 5:13, which says, “If […]

Take Nothing for Granted

It makes sense that when we face a trial of any kind (relationships, finances, health, etc), we pray more earnestly, we read our Bible more searching scripture for direction and hope, and we let go of less important things like checking our social media accounts every hour. But here’s my question: when we get the […]

Nothing Is Ever Lost

“I have held many things in my hands and lost them all. But whatever I’ve placed in God’s hands, that I still possess.” –Martin Luther (1483-1546) Sometimes you don’t need many words to express a great truth. When I stumbled upon this quote, it said so much more to my heart than what could be read with my […]

A New Direction

I had a hunch God was about to do something different. Many years ago, while my husband Tod was finishing Bible school, I joined Mary Kay Cosmetics. I wanted to have another baby, while also desiring to be a stay-at-home mom. Their business plan was intriguing, and right away God confirmed this was His plan […]


Recently at church, during our meet & greet time, one of our members introduced me to someone she had brought with her. The lady was very sweet but laughed as she told me she was made to come! She then added that she was glad too. I commented back that sometimes we have to literally pick people up […]

Three Hugs a Day

Years ago, the Holy Spirit said something funny to me: “Three hugs a day keeps strife away.” It was in January, around my wedding anniversary. My husband and I always celebrate of course, but it’s also the season of “new resolutions” in life. We had just come off a rough year and I was praying for […]