How To Turn a Frown Upside-Down

There is one thing that all people (regardless of race, age, gender, or even religious belief) have in common–and that is desire. What I mean is, every person has something they really want. Of course, motive is something entirely different… but let’s assume we’re talking about genuine desires like a child wanting a bike for […]

5 Steps to Help Clarify & Motivate Your Purpose

There’s nothing worse than repeating something unproductive. The perfect example of this is the children of Israel. The Bible tells us their eleven-day trip took forty years. Why? Because they couldn’t get it right. In this very helpful episode, Daphne shares some tips she learned from Michael Hyatt, a Christian leadership expert, on the topic […]

In Loving Memory

What you are about to read was first written in 2006 when my sweet Grandma (Lilly Emily Edwards, 1915-2006) passed away at the age of 91. Because of the many comments I received of how much this helped others cope with the loss of their loved ones, I shared it again five years later after my […]