Three Hugs a Day

Years ago, the Holy Spirit said something funny to me: “Three hugs a day keeps strife away.” It was in January, around my wedding anniversary. My husband and I always celebrate of course, but it’s also the season of “new resolutions” in life. We had just come off a rough year and I was praying for […]


At one time or another, we have all been rejected. It’s a lonely feeling–but we’re not alone. “Jesus knew from the beginning who they were who did not believe, and who would betray Him… For even His brothers did not believe in Him” (John 6:64, 7:5). We tend to think Jesus didn’t feel rejection because […]

Let’s Believe the Best

I want to encourage you today to believe the best of every person. You will have opportunity to see the faults in others and it’s inevitable that you will be disappointed in the actions (or inaction) of people. It’s especially hard when it’s family or someone you’ve developed a close relationship with, but… [bctt tweet=”Never set […]