Snip Snip

Let’s talk about fruit. Can you imagine, if you were a fruit tree, what it must feel like to have your branches trimmed back or cut off altogether? Doesn’t sound like fun. But wait… we are a fruit trees… so you already know what I’m talking about! The Bible says God’s children are designed to bear fruit, but […]

Let’s Believe the Best

I want to encourage you today to believe the best of every person. You will have opportunity to see the faults in others and it’s inevitable that you will be disappointed in the actions (or inaction) of people. It’s especially hard when it’s family or someone you’ve developed a close relationship with, but… [bctt tweet=”Never set […]

Keep Practicing

You’ve probably heard the saying, “Practice makes perfect.” But this isn’t entirely true… only perfect practice makes perfect. So a good question is: what are you practicing? Because you might not want to be perfect at everything. For example, the Apostle John said, “Whoever abides in Him does not [practice] sin. Whoever [practices] sin has neither seen Him nor known Him” […]