Overcoming Hurtful Words

Podcast Episode 135

This week on Identity Advantage, we were excited to have Janell Rardon, Life Coach and Author of Overcoming Hurtful Words, in our studio! In her book, she writes:  Those three A’s have tried to define many identities, including our own! Her new book is available this week in stores and at her website. Go get […]

It Starts At Home

Podcast Episode 118

Everything starts at home, including the shaping of our identity. In this episode of Identity Advantage, Daphne and Angie talk about the loss of honor in this generation –specifically, an understanding of honoring our parents. In a broken society, what does that look like? How do we apply God’s Word to situations that aren’t ideal? […]

Why Sharing Your Life Story Brings Healing

Podcast Episode 114

“We all have a story to tell, but we’re afraid that weaknesses will be seen. When in all actuality, strength isn’t just revealed, it’s shared.” –Angie Gonzales In this week’s episode of Identity Advantage, Daphne and Angie talk about why it’s hard to be transparent with others about the things we’ve been through. The truth […]

My Prayer for Healing

Reports of flu and high fevers have been running rampant in our area recently. And with any kind of sickness (big or small), I always remember: Natural + Supernatural = Work Together Too often, we rely on one or the other (most people leaning only on the natural). But as Christians, you and I are spirit […]