Why He’s the King of My Heart Blog Post

In the famous children’s novel, Alice in Wonderland, the Queen of Hearts is an interesting character. Overseeing the kingdom with the King of Hearts, she changes from pleasant to enraged every other minute. At the slightest offense, she shouts, “Off with their heads!” It seems ordering executions is one of her hobbies. However, as the […]

Want Results? Stay Stuck Like Glue Blog Post

When we think about something being “permanently fixed,” we’re referring to anything that is fastened, attached, or placed so firm, it’s not readily movable. This could be anything from a palm tree to a cement bunker. In the same manner, Jesus asked us to be permanently fixed in two things: His Word and His Love. If you’ve ever […]

NEW CD! The Truth About God June Partner Gift

Remember the famous children’s novel, Alice in Wonderland? This story makes me wonder about how people see God. Do they view Him as a quick-to-judge King who enjoys shelling out punishment like the Queen of Hearts? “Off with their heads!” Or do they see Him as the kind King of Hearts pardoning the offenses of His people? […]