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My recent post, I Think Myself Happy, is still rolling around in my spirit. Unless you study the scriptures more fully, you might have the impression Paul found contentment and joy by only “thinking” happy thoughts. This isn’t true. Paul said, “I think…” which we learned meant to command with official authority. Well, you can’t […]

Want Results? Stay Stuck Like Glue Blog Post

When we think about something being “permanently fixed,” we’re referring to anything that is fastened, attached, or placed so firm, it’s not readily movable. This could be anything from a palm tree to a cement bunker. In the same manner, Jesus asked us to be permanently fixed in two things: His Word and His Love. If you’ve ever […]

Assembly Required Podcast Episode 085

We all have opinions. We all have our way of doing things. But in all reality, our thoughts, feelings, strength, and knowledge concerning every situation must decrease to allow HIS truth and revelation to increase. In this episode of Identity Advantage, Daphne and Angie talk about what’s required to actually decrease and let Christ shine […]