Intentional Effort Podcast Episode 083

[x_pullquote cite=”Author Unknown” type=”left”]Don’t judge my story by the chapter you walked in on.[/x_pullquote] Any one of us could be the author of this quote! But all the more, we should apply it to ourself (from ourself). In other words, you probably need to remind yourself often that your story isn’t over yet. In this […]

Keep Your Faith Stirred Up Guest Blog Post

If there was one fear Peter was delivered from, it was the fear of repetition. In other words, he didn’t seem to have a problem teaching the same things over and over again to the same people. He wasn’t afraid of being branded by his hearers as “shallow,” “ignorant,” or not “deep enough” spiritually. Peter’s goal was not […]

Light Carriers & Last Day Living! Podcast Episode 054

In the beginning, God created light and then He created the lights. The difference is important. The first thing God created was light (revelation) to clearly separate it from the darkness, or deception and chaos that was on the earth. If that’s the first thing God did then, it’s still the first thing God wants […]

Salvation Isn’t a One-Time Drink Podcast Episode 012

It happens to everyone… that moment when you take a drink of water and your body surprisingly gulps it down because you were more parched than you realized! The same can happen spiritually. We don’t mean to, but we can become weary when we’re dry and thirsty. The sad part is when you realize you’re standing […]