Monday Morning Athiest

Inspired by the subject of a new book by Doug Spada, the title of this week’s podcast speaks volumes all by itself. What does it make you think about? In this week’s episode of Identity Advantage, Daphne and Angie share their thoughts on the often unintentional behavior of Christians in the workplace. Atheism is the denial […]

The Glory is Within You!

Jesus spoke in parables. God spoke through stories. The point was to illustrate a truth. Stories and parables paint a picture of a principle. And as I was reading through Haggai this week, I saw an amazing illustration of our righteousness in Christ. To set it up, the Book of Haggai revolves around God’s command […]

All In

To be all in is originally a poker term meaning to bet all you have on one hand. But in modern lingo, it can also mean to be totally committed to something. I guess we could use God and Jesus as an example. When it came to saving the world, they were ALL IN. The […]