My Prayer for Healing

Reports of flu and high fevers have been running rampant in our area recently. And with any kind of sickness (big or small), I always remember: Natural + Supernatural = Work Together Too often, we rely on one or the other (most people leaning only on the natural). But as Christians, you and I are spirit […]

Why Prayer is a Celebration

Prayer is an act of celebration! Let me explain: When truly understood, prayer is the carrier of our faith bringing forth a request from God’s Word which can not be denied. (Something worth celebrating!) I recall in my younger spiritual years, prayer was much like a pleading act. I would come to God with my mind […]

How Do You Pray Without Ceasing?

Pray without ceasing? Who has time, right? Wrong… This week’s podcast is about relationship. People don’t understand that prayer is our communication with God, and as children of God, prayer is an important aspect of our identity and knowing who we are in Christ. In this episode of Identity Advantage, Daphne and Angie ask and […]

Don’t Ignore

Throughout God’s Word, we find natural examples to help us understand spiritual principles. One such example is found in Hebrews, Chapter Six. The Bible says if the earth drinks in the rain and then produces a good crop or healthy plants or trees, then it is blessed. But if the earth drinks in the rain and […]