I Know Why I’m Excited

Has someone ever said to you, “I know what you’re thinking…” Husbands and wives do this all the time. And to some extent, they’re telling the truth. They’ve lived together so long, they have a pretty good idea what’s running through the other’s head. Twins are said to have a similar connection also. They can […]

We Aren’t Bugs

If you live in West Texas, you’ve been invaded by moths at least once in your life. Thankfully, I’m not one who is freaked out by their fluttering, dusty selves– but they can be irritating. One morning, as I sat down in my favorite chair for some quiet time with God, I was distracted by […]

This Journey Excites Me

People have asked me, “Daphne, why do you talk so much about righteousness?” My first response is because my life was forever changed at the revelation of the great exchange God made on our behalf– our sins for Christ’s righteousness. And secondly, the Bible says, “For in [the gospel of Christ] the righteousness of God is […]