Yesterday, while in my front yard, I noticed one of my new flowering plants was opening several of its buds and beginning to bloom more fully than the others. I was delighted because, although I was raised around those who are very good with plants, gardening is not my expertise. I had planted four of […]

Our Current Nakedness

I was given a new Bible translation by a sweet lady at a women’s conference this past year. It’s called The Voice and it’s published by Thomas Nelson. I’ve decided it’s going to be my go-to in 2017 to pull out different aspects of scripture and help me think deeper. And today, I already found one […]

Keep Shining

Christmas is here! We’ve shopped, listened to our merry playlists (some of us long before December), and celebrated with friends and family. It truly is a beautiful time of the year. But in the poetic words of Howard Thurman: When the song of the angels is stilled, when the star in the sky is gone, when […]


Recently at church, during our meet & greet time, one of our members introduced me to someone she had brought with her. The lady was very sweet but laughed as she told me she was made to come! She then added that she was glad too. I commented back that sometimes we have to literally pick people up […]

You Are His Target

Grace is divine, unmerited favor available to the sinner for salvation and the redeemed for victorious living. Ephesians 2:8-9 says, “For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, not of works, lest anyone should boast.” This is what unmerited means–you didn’t earn it. It was […]

Your Redeemable Gift

As I was praying this morning, I was thanking the Lord for my salvation, for forgiving my sins, and redeeming me. And then I paused and considered the word redeemed. I know what it means, but I wondered if an unbeliever would know if they heard the word. Sometimes we forget the world doesn’t understand our […]