NEW CD: Performance NOT Required

Here’s something people sometimes misunderstand: We can’t earn salvation by doing good– but salvation should produce good! In other words, righteousness (the right-standing we receive from God at salvation) isn’t something we are working towards now or might someday attain because of our performance. It was automatic the day we first believed on Jesus in our heart and […]

NEW CD: Faith & Feelings

God’s Word never changes. However, our feelings change constantly, depending on our circumstances. If our faith is in our feelings, which do change, then our faith will imitate our feelings by constantly changing, and this is a trap of the enemy. In other words, if you always live by how you feel, the result is roller-coaster Christianity […]

NEW CD: Learn to Receive

God is love. It’s His nature to give because as Victor Hugo once said, “You can give without loving, but you can never LOVE without giving.” God’s heart must be saddened by the countless number of rejections He’s had. He’s prepared a feast for all who will come to Him, but sadly, there are many who daily reject […]

It’s Time to Grow

I’m a curious kind of person, meaning I want to know how things tick. This can be a good quality unless I’m picking apart myself, which I’ve been guilty of on many occasions. For example, I’ve questioned my own faith at times because of comparison to others who seem to have more faith than I […]

Be This or That

It’s hard to have respect for someone that isn’t consistent. And this is true of the enemy too. In this episode of Identity Advantage, Daphne and Angie talk about how hard it is for a person to exercise their authority over the devil when they struggle with their identity or they aren’t consistent in doing […]