Snip Snip

Let’s talk about fruit. Can you imagine, if you were a fruit tree, what it must feel like to have your branches trimmed back or cut off altogether? Doesn’t sound like fun. But wait… we are a fruit trees… so you already know what I’m talking about! The Bible says God’s children are designed to bear fruit, but […]

Has Your Struggle Become Your Identity?

It’s not intentional, but sometimes life defines us — or at least, tries to — through our struggles, situations, and circumstances. But for the person who knows who they are in Christ, their identity is found in Him (only) despite their struggles. In this episode of Identity Advantage, Daphne and Angie talk about the dangers […]

Understanding Suffering

Podcast Episode 004

It’s a shame new believers don’t learn about our enemy or the ways in which he deceives and attacks at a very early stage in their walk with God. When you think about it, Spiritual Boot Camp should be mandatory–especially when you consider how many people are suffering under attacks of the enemy and don’t know why. That’s […]