Know Your Enemy, Part 2

Satan has been defeated, but he doesn’t want Christians to know it. So our enemy, the devil, roams about looking for whom he may devour– and that “whom” is whoever doesn’t know his tricks and strategies. They are perfect prey for attack. In yesterday’s post, we started looking at some of Satan’s devices because it’s […]

Better With Age

I was an 80’s girl. As a senior in high school, I chanted with my peers, “We’re gonna party like it’s 1999” and in 1987, future years like “1999” and “2000” seemed like a time-warp to the space age. But here we are, beginning 2018, and those space-age years are nothing more than history now. […]

If You Want to See Results

Blog Post

My recent post, I Think Myself Happy, is still rolling around in my spirit. Unless you study the scriptures more fully, you might have the impression Paul found contentment and joy by only “thinking” happy thoughts. This isn’t true. Paul said, “I think…” which we learned meant to command with official authority. Well, you can’t […]