Your Expectation is God’s Invitation Blog Post

It’s hard to believe we’re approaching the gift-giving season already –but then again, between family birthdays, baby showers, and weddings, is it ever not the gift-giving season? More specifically, as Christians in tune with the Holy Spirt, it’s ALWAYS the gift-giving season! But don’t get weary with that thought, it’s actually really cool how the […]

How To Handle Opposition Podcast Episode 013

When Christians pray and make a stand, what is the correct response when the outcome turns out differently? In this week’s podcast, Daphne and Angie are very transparent about the things they have learned and what God’s Word says about end time events. These questions will be addressed: How should believers act and respond to […]

Salvation Isn’t a One-Time Drink Podcast Episode 012

It happens to everyone… that moment when you take a drink of water and your body surprisingly gulps it down because you were more parched than you realized! The same can happen spiritually. We don’t mean to, but we can become weary when we’re dry and thirsty. The sad part is when you realize you’re standing […]